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Walking and leading his horse, Daylight followed the quick-stepping eager little man through the green tunnel and emerged abruptly upon the clearing, if clearing it might be called, where wild nature and man's earth-scratching were inextricably blended.
There, a mile and a half from the frigate, a long blackish body emerged a yard above the waves.
But at last I emerged upon a small open space, and as I did so, a Morlock came blundering towards me, and past me, and went on straight into the fire!
In the last 5 years, infectious diseases such as West Nile virus infection and monkeypox have appeared in North America, and severe acute respiratory syndrome and avian influenza have emerged on a global scale.
Some have questioned the appropriate accounting for the difference between the GAAP basis (allocated reorganization value) and the corresponding tax basis of assets and liabilities of an entity that has emerged from chapter 11 and records a fresh start.
In order to review current and future directions in NPD, this new edition takes a two-pronged approach - as well as highlighting the new sectors that have emerged since the previous edition was published, this unique study also looks back at the emerging sectors identified in the earlier report in 2001 and presents a progress report for each.
The depositary receipt has emerged over the past few years as an important means of raising capital for companies around the world," noted Smith.