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Marvin L White, Aptevo's president and chief executive officer, said, 'The achievement of this final payment from Emergent marks another important milestone in Aptevo's progress.
In 2014, we launched Emergent Digital so we could use digital marketing to make the world a better place.
Barry Labinger, executive vice president and president, Biosciences Division at Emergent BioSolutions, said, "Emergent looks forward to collaborating with MorphoSys to potentially address important unmet needs amongst patients suffering from prostate cancer.
Emergent Group will cease trading on the stock exchange after 1 April.
A third emergent dimension in teacher reflections was a developing ability to find commonalities in thinking and to build upon personal understandings through the diversity in thinking others bring to sustained groups engaged in dialogue on personally directed research.
This is an exciting, transformational event for both Emergent and Microscience," said Fuad El-Hibri, Emergent's Chief Executive Officer.
They reminded Peak of patterns that turn up in cellular automata, a kind of distributed emergent computer.
Their datascapes are often truly emergent structures, as well as Dadascapes, new forms of bottom-up organization not possible to realize before the advent of fast computation.
Emergent phenomena are often identified when the behavior of an entire system appears more coherent and directed than the behavior of individual parts of the system.
Emergent currently supports the Air Force at Nellis with Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) system administration, network integration and configuration control, TBMCS database management, communications engineering and integration, video engineering, design and integration, datalink support, test and evaluation support, and exercise planning and execution support to the test and training environment.
2), he fails to provide a clear definition of emergent regional powers.
Wayne argues convincingly that this telling inconsistency at the heart of the humanist notion of marriage creates a space in Tilney's text for the emergent feminist critique put forward by Lady Isabella.

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