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EMIGRANT. One who quits his country for any lawful reason, with a design to settle elsewhere, and who takes his family and property, if he has any, with him. Vatt. b. 1, c. 19, Sec. 224.

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Thereupon Neil sheered off; and the chief singer in our boat struck into a melancholy air, which was presently taken up both by the emigrants and their friends upon the beach, so that it sounded from all sides like a lament for the dying.
Evening slowly steals upon the landscape and changes it before me, when we stop to set some emigrants ashore.
Milstein Pay Tribute to "New York's Bravest" at Emigrant Savings Bank Headquarters
This project will examine the political participation and incorporation of emigrants along two main research objectives: First, it investigates the policies and politics of emigrant participation by questioning why states grant emigrants external voting rights.
But emigrant citizens are robbed of their right to vote as soon as they leave.
To implement this policy, it has appointed a Protector of the Emigrant Office in Pakistan.
In order to understand better the consequences of the migration phenomenon, as for the generating regions, but also for the receiving ones, in order to establish a profile of the emigrant, we need a clear analysis of the legislative, institutional, social and statistical-economic dimension.
After describing the general development of external voting policies around the world, he identifies emigrant lobbying, home-state dependence on remittances, home-state desire to use emigrants as resources in the global economy, regime transformation in the home country, and the electoral interests of domestic political parties as the key factors determining why states grant external voting rights and examines the operation of these variables in relation to the cases of Mexico and Italy.
Speaking Tuesday for the Bulgarian National Television, BNT, the Minister noted that Bulgaria is not threatened yet by a huge emigrant wave, but the authorities must be ready for it nevertheless.
They believe that their rights have been restricted to freely emigrate, travel abroad for long periods of time, or even to settle temporarily in another country; the emigrant community also complains of having to undergo excessive applications, expensive fees, entry permits, and visits to Cuba limited to a few weeks.
They money sent home by emigrant workers contribute to the economic growth and they total 17 percent of GDP The stability of the denar, deficit of payment operations and growth of the private consumption, which is the biggest creator of the domestic gross-product, is financed with these funds.
She was in the right place at the right time, going on the Australia run just as its emigrant trade was boosted by the Gold Rush.