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In this sense, Taiwan is a good place for many Hong Kongers wanting to emigrate because of its geographic proximity to their home and cultural similarities.
We have established a technical group to link the eMigrate system with that of the UAE national system.
Indian citizens who have Emigration Check Required (ECN) stamp on their passports have to get their job offers cleared through the eMigrate system.
Mainly, companies depend on these agents while individual employers in the UAE recruit maids through eMigrate system by registering themselves as a foreign employer.
The report confirmed the pervious facts that 98% of the migrants are male, whereas only 2% of females plan to emigrate.
The eMigrate system affords employers the opportunity to specify their demand for Indian workers and seek a permit to recruit directly, or to select recruiting agents to recruit on their behalf.
The Indian government has also banned collection of recruitment fees for overseas nursing recruits and mandates that employers register in the eMigrate system.
For nurses, the filled-in registration application will be vetted by the Indian mission, after which the foreign employers can raise the demand for Indian nurses on the eMigrate system with terms and conditions of their employment.
MC), about a million Britons are ready to emigrate in order to purchase property.
In Fujian, there might not be anyone willing to loan you money if you wanted to go to college, but if you want to illegally emigrate, many people will lend you money, because they can reasonably expect a higher return.
He said another ambitious project discussed during the HoMs meeting was the eMigrate project, which will help put in place a databank on Indians emigrating.
The idea behind the eMigrate project is to cater to a comprehensive set of features and do away with the need for any human interface.