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I remember our headmas ter, Mr Sharp, at James Mackinlay School in Red car, addressing us one morning: "We have dwin dled in numbers and a lot of your friends and their familes have left Redcar and emigrated, but we shall go on as normal and not give up on the area".
Jean, 67, from Calgary, who emigrated to Canada with ex-husband Duncan Hollows in 1973, said: "Governments in Commonwealth countries are look-k ing after these people as they are getting older and poorer and poorer by the year because their pensions have been frozen.
Fujian province, for example, even had whole villages that emigrated together," Zhang Yuehui, an immigration expert, said.
More than 2 percent of Portuguese people, mostly young and educated, emigrated in the past two years; more would have left had Europe not been in recession
In 2010, 1, 007 persons emigrated from the country and most of them left for Italy, the United States of America and Germany.
LIFE-CHANGING: she emigrated to Canada on board the Canadian Many children emigrated with their parents, travelling thousands of miles to unfamiliar new places that became home.
Summary: Former KGB agent and wife who emigrated to Berlin say Russian agents poisoned them with mercury during European travels.
AFORMER Coventry couple who emigrated to Canada have recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.
About 50,000 Yemeni Jews emigrated to Israel in an airlift that began in 1949.
The first recipient, 38-year-old cardiologist Norberto Luis Diaz, told Reuters he already had his bags packed for a flight to Spain, retracing in reverse the journey his grandfather made when he emigrated to Cuba in 1916.
Both US presidential hopeful Barack Obama and running mate Joseph Biden are descended from shoemakers who emigrated from Ireland within five weeks of each other, a researcher has said.