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Buy a product, plant a tree: Eminence will plant a tree for every product sold at our salon.
The articular eminence is therefore made up of thick and dense bone, which is suitable for loadbearing(8).
His Eminence expressed special warmth and affection towards the brotherly country Pakistan.
A 55-year-old woman fell during recreational skiing and was diagnosed with Meyers and McKeever type II avulsion fracture of the right anterior tibial eminence.
As part of the financing agreement, Eminence Capital will join the company's board of directors.
Eminence also created the state's first Wi-Fi-enabled bus to give students access to online curriculum while traveling to the university to take college-level courses.
Meanwhile, his eminence underlined the peacefulness of the pro-democracy movement.
Many models for organizational eminence have so far been proposed and tried among which the EFQM model is, by far, the most famous one which provides us with the largest amount of information about the functions of the organizations [4].
In his cable, His Eminence Khamenei expressed his thanks for His Majesty the Sultan's cordial and kind feelings as well as his best wishes, praying to Allah the Almighty to grant His Majesty good health, happiness and the Islamic Nation and Omani people further progress.
Person of Eminence (Science) , Moulana Zia-ud-din, representative of Aalim , Dr.
His Eminence and the SRSG discussed the recent elections and the post-electoral environment.
The Relic was placed by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, and consists in a piece of the body of St.