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Dedicated to educating and training aestheticians on the benefits of organic skin care, new products, industry trends and innovative technology, Eminence continues to be a favorite of aestheticians worldwide.
Eminence also created the state's first Wi-Fi-enabled bus to give students access to online curriculum while traveling to the university to take college-level courses.
His Eminence asked the Qatari PM to make sure that the Lebanese would not pay for the statements launched by some officials and not to make that affect their work and activities in the Council's countries.
His eminence said that the arrest of the Secretary General of al-Wefaq association, Sheikh Ali Salman, is one of the repression forms adopted by Al-Khalifa regime.
Obviously, employing the models of organizational eminence can improve the efficiency of organizations [1].
14 (ONA) His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has received a cable of thanks from His Eminence Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Revolution in the Islamic Republic of Iran in reply to His Majesty's congratulatory cable on the success of the surgical operation that he recently underwent.
C Iqra University, Karachi Person of Eminence (Arts), Ms Sania Naz MPA, Mr Muhammad Sajid Jokhio MPA ,Mr.
Narayanan by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)while in office must be a first, and does not add to the eminence of the office.
His Eminence and the SRSG discussed the recent elections and the post-electoral environment.
He hoped permanent chairman HEC would be appointed through a merit-based transparent mechanism as per eligibility criteria laid down in HEC Act through which only a person of international eminence can be appointed as HEC chief.
Two major annual international awards for scholars of eminence in the concerned language.