eminent person

See: paragon
References in classic literature ?
Churchill had been recommended to the medical skill of an eminent person there, and had otherwise a fancy for the place.
It is not every day that we can meet an eminent person at dinner, and feel that there is a reasonable prospect of the news of his murder being the news that we hear of him next.
In times of violence, every eminent person must fall in with many opportunities to approve his stoutness and worth; therefore every man's name that emerged at all from the mass in the feudal ages, rattles in our ear like a flourish of trumpets.
The men gave these details with the exaggerations common to vulgar minds which have been strongly excited by any remarkable event, and their natural disposition to the marvellous was greatly increased by the satisfaction which their evidence seemed to afford to the eminent person for whose information it had been delivered.
and it made him look wonderfully like that eminent person, whom I persist in thinking he resembles.
She came from Wales and had had, a long time ago, an eminent person for an ancestor, of the name of Morgan ap- Kerrig--of some place that sounded like Gimlet--who was the most illustrious person that ever was known and all of whose relations were a sort of royal family.
A particular description of the Struldbrugs, with many conversations between the author and some eminent persons upon that subject.
Srinivasan, has now to select an eminent person acceptable to the devotees to chair the Trust.
Another eminent person from Paediatrics, Ravi Savarirayan, said, "Children with achondroplasia are likely to experience a variety of medical complications caused by the condition.
It has been stipulated that the Lokpal chairperson can either be from the judiciary or an eminent person of impeccable integrity.
Its members will include a Supreme Court judge, a Chief Justice of a High Court and an eminent person nominated by the President.
Philippine eminent person and former ASEAN Secretary General Rodolfo Severino Jr.