eminent person

See: paragon
References in classic literature ?
Churchill had been recommended to the medical skill of an eminent person there, and had otherwise a fancy for the place.
In times of violence, every eminent person must fall in with many opportunities to approve his stoutness and worth; therefore every man's name that emerged at all from the mass in the feudal ages, rattles in our ear like a flourish of trumpets.
The men gave these details with the exaggerations common to vulgar minds which have been strongly excited by any remarkable event, and their natural disposition to the marvellous was greatly increased by the satisfaction which their evidence seemed to afford to the eminent person for whose information it had been delivered.
and it made him look wonderfully like that eminent person, whom I persist in thinking he resembles.
She came from Wales and had had, a long time ago, an eminent person for an ancestor, of the name of Morgan ap- Kerrig--of some place that sounded like Gimlet--who was the most illustrious person that ever was known and all of whose relations were a sort of royal family.
Justice Lokur further added there can be no guidelines for deciding who is or is not an eminent person for the purposes of nomination to the NJAC, but that the choice is left to a high- powered committee is a sufficient check, provided the decision of the committee is unanimous.
And if eminent person like Naidu reveals about his franchise, that would definitely influence the voters, Bhanvarlal stated.
However, I am sure that, as that magic age approaches, they will remember what an eminent person once said when asked about being old, "When I was 20, 40 was old; when I was 40, 60 was old; when I was 60, 80 was old now that I'm 80, 100 is old" and act accordingly.
The key issue was corporate tax and there's been little progress there - when a politician doesn't want to do something they get some eminent person to do a report which favours no change.
It is appropriate for us to give our view of the contribution to progress and the common good of such an important and eminent person as the late Pope.
A recommendation letter from an eminent person who is not well acquainted with you will be a ho-hum testimonial.
Edgbaston councillor Deirdre Alden said: "I would be happy to see such an eminent person as Dr Brailsford commemorated in this way and I give this proposal my full support.