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Would have been self-willed (he thought in his eminently practical way) but for her bringing-up.
Foremost among those leaving cards at the eminently aristocratic door before it is quite painted, are the Veneerings: out of breath, one might imagine, from the impetuosity of their rush to the eminently aristocratic steps.
Miss Bella Wilfer becomes an inmate, for an indefinite period, of the eminently aristocratic dwelling.
We may I think confidently come to this conclusion, because, as we have seen, these coloured marks are eminently liable to appear in the crossed offspring of two distinct and differently coloured breeds; and in this case there is nothing in the external conditions of life to cause the reappearance of the slaty-blue, with the several marks, beyond the influence of the mere act of crossing on the laws of inheritance.
With respect to this last fact, I was so convinced that not even a stripe of colour appears from what would commonly be called an accident, that I was led solely from the occurrence of the face-stripes on this hybrid from the ass and hemionus, to ask Colonel Poole whether such face-stripes ever occur in the eminently striped Kattywar breed of horses, and was, as we have seen, answered in the affirmative.
What might appear sordid and squalid to the fastidiously reared, was to them eminently wholesome and natural.
In his public and in his private capacity, he was an eminently sensible man.
Now cotton, combined with cold nitric acid, become transformed into a substance eminently insoluble, combustible, and explosive.
The eminently commercial, eminently disposable result has grossed more than $16 million since opening earlier this month in China and Taiwan, but looks to have limited reach beyond Asian markets.
But when challenged about his views on Radio 4's Woman's Hour yesterday, he said: "My remarks about rape were eminently sensible and agreed to by most women I knew.
A primary source bibliography and lengthy index as well as illustrations are included in this eminently readable volume.