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Assistant Secretary for the Peace Process Dickson Hermoso said the Maute group released some women and children on Sunday and the emissaries had come under fire briefly from terrorist snipers.
Geelani had caused a flutter in political circles by claiming on Friday that Modi had sent emissaries to him seeking help in the resolution of the Kashmir issue.
Yesterday, Geelani had said that Narendra Modi had sent two emissaries to approach him for a meeting on March 22 while he was in Delhi to talk about the Kashmir issue.
A companion volume to his first published book, The Rise of Charleston: Conversations with Visionaries, Luminaries and Emissaries of the Holy City, his second book provides additional insights into the appeal of Charleston from interviews with some 50 of the city's noteworthy residents.
We receive emissaries who are saying, 'Gaddafi is prepared to leave.
Their presence as emissaries would signal that engagement with Iran is a matter of the greatest seriousness to the United States, equivalent to their predecessor Henry Kissinger's secret diplomacy with China in 1971.
A delegation of the emissaries of king Mohammed VI , composed of Foreign minister, Tab Fassi Fihri, and head of the Moroccan intelligence (DGED), Mohamed Yassine Mansouri, paid visit to Yaounde on the fringes of the summit of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), held on June 23-25.
Meet the APME Conference Emissaries -- miniature dolls, also known as "mini-editors," who are being mailed to unsuspecting managing editors as part of the group's push for attendance at the annual event.
Emissaries will also become a member of an e-mail list that will be notified of any online publications of sections of Nieman Reports.
Teagan Decker (UW) explains how visiting tutors act as emissaries of writing center communication, dialogic communication that values the nuances involved in the collaborative negotiation and appropriation of ideas.
Why aren't our schools instead paying tribute to peace activists, conscientious objectors, or other emissaries of nonviolence and hope?
The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, which has orbited the Red Planet since 1997, has captured images of two other emissaries from Earth.