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EMISSARY. One who is sent from one power or government into another nation for the purpose of spreading false rumors and to cause alarm. He differs from a spy. (q.v.)

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The superficial reason was obvious enough, but there was a real one behind it that struck him as rather wanting in the solidity which should characterise the motives of an emissary of Prince Bismarck.
He was the emissary in England of the colossal American daily called the Western Sun-- also humorously described as the "Rising Sunset".
I'm extremely sorry, sir," said this emissary, "that a little accident has occurred at the Miss du Lacs': a leak in the water-tank.
Count Nostitz, the Austrian general occupying the advanced posts, believed Murat's emissary and retired, leaving Bagration's division exposed.
Hawley's disgust at the notion of the "Pioneer" being edited by an emissary, and of Brooke becoming actively political-- as if a tortoise of desultory pursuits should protrude its small head ambitiously and become rampant--was hardly equal to the annoyance felt by some members of Mr.
The Belgian did not have long to wait, for the following day his emissary returned with word that Tarzan and a party of fifty Waziri warriors had set out toward the southeast early in the morning.
And crumpling the parchment in his hand, he advanced toward the royal emissary.
You wear the uniform of an English officer, but you come to me, is it not so, as an emissary of Germany?
Luncheon was ready for Sir Jervis Redwood's confidential emissary in the waiting-room.
informing me that our emissary had started on his voyage) returned a receipt in due form, and the whole of the surplus money, to the last farthing!
Geoffrey entered the house, leaving his emissary once more on the watch.
But that fine forgetfulness was surely impossible to Anthony the seaman directly after the wrangling interview with Fyne the emissary of an order of things which stops at the edge of the sea.