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EMISSARY. One who is sent from one power or government into another nation for the purpose of spreading false rumors and to cause alarm. He differs from a spy. (q.v.)

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In an interview with the Inquirer, Marinas said a low-ranking employee assigned to the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila, acted as an emissary on behalf of Dong.
The 69-year-old Vaidik's meeting with Saeed has sparked a major row with the Congress seeking to pin down the Narendra Modi government by asking if Vaidik went as an official emissary.
As part of continuous contacts between two heads of State, HM the King receives emissary of Ivorian President
He's a very popular man, and we hope the people who did this will get caught and punished," said Moskovitz, who has been the Chabad emissary in Kharkov since 1990.
I didn't meet Geelani as an emissary and he will vouch for me," he told M AIL T ODAY over phone.
The auspicious Monday meeting held in Raiwind focused on resumption, carrying forward of composite dialogue between two countries, in order to resolve long-standing issues, while the Indian emissary also conveyed good wishes of Indian Prime Minister for Mian Sahib, who responded to the courtesy effusively and with high-spirits.
The Emissary programme will allow fans to join an elite group of Alpha Users who can act as ambassadors for a world their friends may not yet know about.
Bnei Akivas New Zealand emissary says the group has overcome fears that the Samoa Tsunami would wreck local sukkot.
Byline: Manila appoints new emissary to hold talks with Abu Sayyaf group which is still holding two aid workers.
THE PRESIDENT "has no problem" sending any political leader abroad as an emissary for Cyprus, including DISY boss Nikos Anastassiades, the government said yesterday.
Summary: Whom should President Barack Obama appoint as his emissary to Iran, to take on what may be the most important diplomatic mission in decades?
History writes that not long after that momentous day, Peter MacKay, an emissary of the great King of Canada, went out in search of One Thousand More Troops.