emit heat

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This allows the radiator similar advantages of steel such as being extremely tough, durable, and anti-erosive, while maintaining the extreme lightweight of aluminum and ability to emit heat at a high level.
Salih explained that the light emitted by the printed bulbs will not emit heat or carbon.
They thought that it rises, it sets and emits heat, it runs right east to west and to them only a god could emit heat and make such a long run.
LEDs also use energy more efficiently because they emit light in specific directions, with heat drawn away via what is called a heat sink, while incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs emit heat in all directions, releasing a tremendous amount of energy as heat.
As the dark roads emit heat, some of it will escape into the night sky, but some won't.
It requires a larger amount of energy to cool a building than to heat it due to the fact that the efficiency of air conditioners is less than central heating systems, besides the nature of heat transfer inside living spaces from objects and appliance that emit heat.
long) The heat is just as important as the smell to the plant's disguise 6 rotting carcasses also emit heat, thanks to the seething mass of microbes eating away at the dead flesh.
The reason is that people have to pay the price to read and share distribution of radiators, although in practice they do not emit heat.
Planets emit heat for only a short time after their formation, limiting how long they can be directly imaged.
The SivaRods efficiently absorb infrared light, and emit heat localized to the tumor mass.
The presence of residues near the devices that emit heat when working, such as air conditioners and refrigerators is another reason for the ACs getting burnt.