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TO EMIT. To put out; to send forth,
     2. The tenth section of the first article of the constitution, contains various prohibitions, among which is the following: No state shall emit bills of credit. To emit bills of credit is to issue paper intended to circulate through the community for its ordinary purposes, as money, which paper is redeemable at a future day. 4 Pet. R. 410, 432; Story on Const. Sec. 1358. Vide Bills of credit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The child began to emit tacts, other than echoic, such as saying "phin" after seeing the picture of a dolphin, and the caregiver emitted an expanded echoic "dolphin." Verbal responses that were previously echoics because they were emitted under the control of a previous oral stimulus that had a formal correspondence with the response and generalized reinforcers began to be emitted as tacts.
Gasification also works on municipal and hazardous wastes, neither of which emit carbon dioxide when burned.
In addition to the above requirements for emissions units with a potential to emit after control that is greater than or equal to major source status, CAM plans must be submitted as a part of a significant permit revision under Part 70 or 71.
1929) studied conditions under which atoms that were part of a crystal would emit a gamma ray in such a way that the recoil would be spread over all the atoms making up the crystal.
In contrast, a 1992 vehicle, driven that same distance, emits about 100 pounds of exhaust hydrocarbons over a similar lifetime.
So, they emit, or give off, the extra energy as glowing, colored light.
Obviously these permanently-"on" EMF sources represent far more risk than our appliances, which emit very local fields Only when in use.
* For regions with a "Moderate" level of pollution by EPA definition, a major source is one that emits 100 TPY, and is allowed six years for compliance.
Larger chips tend to be less efficient than smaller devices because large LEDs scatter a greater proportion of their light sideways and so emit less light directly toward the viewer.
* If an "open molder," under the "worst possible" assumptions for spray-up, emits 16% of its resin usage as styrene, it would hit the max.
Now, engineers have melded the two types of components into one miniature device that both amplifies electric current and emits a narrow beam of single-wavelength light.
Lin says his group plans to develop tungsten photonic crystals that include, on a single microchip, both a heated region that emits infrared radiation and another region that converts those thermal emissions into laserlike beams for driving telecommunications networks.