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TO EMIT. To put out; to send forth,
     2. The tenth section of the first article of the constitution, contains various prohibitions, among which is the following: No state shall emit bills of credit. To emit bills of credit is to issue paper intended to circulate through the community for its ordinary purposes, as money, which paper is redeemable at a future day. 4 Pet. R. 410, 432; Story on Const. Sec. 1358. Vide Bills of credit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Tantalum, a high melting point material, is chosen to manufacture the emitter because of its low emissivity at long wavelengths and its ability to withstand high temperature environments.
For instance, while India's overall emissions are climbing upward, their per capita emissions have stayed well below the other top emitters; the United States's per capita emissions are currently more than seven times that of India.
Effect of flushing frequency on emitter clogging in microirrigation with effluents.
"This acoustic localization system ensures that the emitter can detect when a user has set the smartphone on the charging surface, which can be an ordinary location like a table across the room," said co-lead author Vikram Iyer, a UW doctoral student in electrical engineering.
As the test aims to evaluate emitter sensitivity to clogging due to solid particles, microorganism growth should be avoided in order to prevent interactions among physical and biological agents of clogging (e.g., the presence of biofilm is strongly suspected in the clogging material found in some of the drippers evaluated, though tests were not conducted to confirm this).
Similar results were obtained for online emitters with slight variation in the wetted width and depth compared to the inline emitter data.
It is imagined that, in the utilization of microtube emitters, there is a range of inlet pressures in the line, around an optimal value that allows operation with proper distribution uniformity and, therefore, it is admissible that there are variations in the inlet pressure of lateral lines.
The emitters E1, E3 and E6 varied little in flow rate during the experiment, ending at 600h with Qr equal to 99.51, 98.44 and 98.91%, respectively.
CR (contact opening x number of contacts)/(width of emitter + width of BSF).
The losses were also determined due to the projection of locally made online emitter barbs.
Pest-intel has been designed to work seamlessly with real-time monitoring system eMitter, exclusive to Mitie in the UK.
You can buy main line with prepunched emitter holes or punch your own holes and install in-line emitters.