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Emmission tests of 4,000 cars during one weeks showed that almost 14 per cent of those serviced by non-franchise dealers exceeded mandatory emission levels.
Tenders are invited for Monthly operation and maintenance of stack emmission control system
Emmission technology which did not comply with US car industry rules, the need for more powerful engines and a lack of interest in the US market has now been pushed to one side as Ford, who bought Land Rover just over a year ago for pounds 1.8 billion, is now showing its pounds 130 million of investment in the plant is producing results.
Tenders are invited for Amc For Optical Emmission Spectrometer, Model Thermo Arl-3460, 01 No, Gcf Regd.No.10375 In Gcf Met-Lab
Tenders are invited for Purchase and installation of x-ray photo emmission spectroscopy full system
Tenders are invited for service tender for the collection of household waste from the locality of rabat (malta), using low emmission vehicles
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract Of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emmission Spectrometer (Icp Oes), Horiba Make (Model No.
Tenders are invited for supply of low emmission vehicle for the swieqi local council
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintance Contract Of Magellan Optical Emmission Spectrometer Model Q-8 M/C No,Ofm 4338 Terms & Conditions As Per Annexure Attached.