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Dear Editor, The Post's article on the Conservative's plans for aviation taxation did not do justice to what are, so far, the best proposals put forward for reducing carbon emmissions by the most polluting form of transport we currently have (Sky's not the limit for 'greener earth', Post, March 13).
Tomorrow's World We all know we should be leaving our cars at home if we are to help reduce the harmful environmental effects of carbon dioxide emmissions - but did you realise your dinner could be increasing the global warming problem?
Global scale emmissions trading of "Green Certificates" has commenced.
The nucleate condensation physics works extremely well with very tiny particles and is so rapid and efficient that it suggests that the TIPS process will be less costly than current atmospheric or low-pressure systems with comparable emmissions performance.
Apart from power trading, BIEE will also arrange the countrywide trading of natural gas, coal, CO2 emmissions and green certificates.
Project Description : The Trinidad and Tobago Context-assessment for the preparartion of the National Climate Change Capacity Building Project seeks to assist the national team responsible for the preparation of Trinidad and Tobago%s Low Emmissions Capacity Building project through the following activities: 1) Conducting a systematic analysis of relevant work ongoing and previously carried out.
Fuel-cell automobiles are viewed by many in the industry as the best long-term solution to reducing CO2 emmissions from road transport, However, a major challenge is the lack of a refuelling infrastructure.
Kia has announced that it is launching a bi-fuel model to its Picanto small car range, In a bid to fulfill increasing customer demand in Europe for small cars with low operating costs and reduced emmissions.
Al Tayer said Dewa had insisted on emission limits more stringent than the European Union's Industrial Emmissions Directive.
MeatFreeMonday: Meat Free Monday is a campaign to help the planet, reduce carbon emmissions of meat production by helping us all be meat-free on a Monday.