emotional release

See: catharsis
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It doesn't even have to be inside a gym; taking the time to exercise daily is a great physical and emotional release.
This is an especially emotional release for my family and I know both Gail and Frank are smiling down with pride at this record.
I would pull my hair out for an emotional release and once I smashed a vase in a rage and imagined cutting my arms with the shards of glass.
WJudging by the way Bafetimbi Gomis raced to the away fans so late into this contest, the way he roared away his frustrations with his face a picture of emotional release and relief, it still means the world.
The programme focused on the natural environment, utilising murals, wall-mounted art, photography and sculptures, to provide relaxation and an emotional release for staff, patients and their families.
But when I think back on all my roles, one memory is the clearest: The emotional release I felt after performing Juliet in John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet.
Victoria's words must not be seen as infallible guides to her behaviour so much as means of emotional release.
There was often banter during her visits which provided emotional release in what was a very difficult time.
According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy can benefit mental health in myriad ways, from decreasing anxiety and agitation to providing the means for safe emotional release.
The British Psychological Society claims that swearing is a harmless emotional release.
Price was on the bench as Limerick finally picked up their first win of the League campaign, a big emotional release for all involved.