emotional release

See: catharsis
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The playing of the bowls has been used to enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation and bodywork in the Far East for centuries and nowadays is conducted for music therapy and emotional release across the globe.
14-22, guests at The Siam can sign up for Theta Healing and Emotional Release Therapy sessions.
The parade was overwhelmingly peaceful, though, giving fans an emotional release after decades of disappointment.
She said singing is a liberating experience for her and she finds music offers her an emotional release.
But some experts say social media provides an important means of emotional release in a country grappling with strong cultural taboos around suicide and depression and caution against any clampdown.
Mara and Affleck share the screen for the majority of the film, with or without a sheet, capturing the devastation, yearning and emotional release of two souls, separated by tragedy.
If lifting a pot doesn't matter, why was there such an emotional release three years ago when Hull City were defeated in the FA Cup final?
She said: "I started writing purely as an emotional release.
Any hope for justice or emotional release after years of pent-up anger dissipates in the daily churn of courtroom jargon.
In a glorious, risk-it-all final hour, Ade and her actors attain a cleansing yet conflicted sense of emotional release through a series of wild comedic set pieces that lay the characters bare.
The great objective of seeking recovery and emotional release is interesting, for it requires dignifying processes and enforcement of these people's rights.
It doesn't even have to be inside a gym; taking the time to exercise daily is a great physical and emotional release.