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In addition, the self esteem scale of this study and the trait of emotional stability were found to be closely linked, reinforcing the previous findings of Bontempo and Napier (2011) regarding emotional stability as a predictor of interpreter competence.
The study found that people with lower emotional stability, were working class and physically unhealthy.
These findings were extended cross-culturally by Huang, Lee and Chang (2007) who sampled 142 members of fitness centres from Taiwan, Europe and the United States and found that participants with higher levels of physical and psychological motivation scored higher on all five personality traits: Emotional Stability (the opposite pole of Neuroticism), Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.
Preliminary ASOC assessment and selection research findings suggest that successful students score higher on measures of emotional stability in comparison to the general population.
The higher subscale measurements in experiment two (sociability, happiness, emotional stability, and joviality) demonstrated three of Bailey and Davidson's (2003) characteristics of homeless men participating in a choir: (a) social interaction and reconnection through performance, (b) group process, and (c) emotional health.
2002) we hypothesize that extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness will predict the customer service oriented behaviors of core service workers in all four countries, while emotional stability will not be related to customer service oriented behaviors.
The Big Five factors consist of an individual's openness to experience (proactive seeking, toleration for and exploration of the unfamiliar), conscientiousness (thorough approach, hard-working, organized), extraversion (the need for stimulation, desire for activity levels with interpersonal interaction), agreeableness (cooperative nature, likeability), and emotional stability, (calm and secure, low in anxiety).
H: Have enough sleep--feeing rested is critical to providing safe care and maintaining emotional stability.
Psychotherapy enhances emotional stability in people receiving standard medications for bipolar disorder, a new study finds.
The Big Five theories divide all personality traits into the following categories: 1) conscientiousness; 2) openness to experience; 3) extroversion; 4) agreeableness; and 5) emotional stability (a.
In the case of the Katrina Hurricane victims of New Orleans, we recognize the importance of reading for mental and emotional stability," wrote Tony Rose, publisher and CEO of ACGI, and Yvonne Rose, associate publisher.
We're more than financial services--we're really in the business of providing financial security and emotional stability through the varied products, services and advice we offer.