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Lead researcher Professor Outi Vainio said, "We were among the first researchers in the world to use pupil measurements in the evaluation of dogs' emotional states.
As experienced human tutor manages the emotional states of a learner to motivate him or her and to improve the learning process, researchers also have augment the learner model structure in ITSs to determine the emotional state of learners (Neji, Ben Ammar, Alimi, & Gouarderes, 2008).
The common assumption is that primate calls are tightly tied to certain contexts and emotional states, whereas many human vocalisations are freed from this.
One is the Cyreward' part, which is responsible for emotional states like excitement, and it activates automatically when it recognizes good things in the environment.
Inexperienced participants used primarily the dog's tail and body posture to inform them about the dog's emotional state.
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that many, if not all, these competing theories of creativity can be unified into a single proposition: namely, that conditions, exercises, or characteristics that foster ambivalent emotional states tend to enhance creativity.
Before designing the automatic stress recognition system we have to deal with three problems: determine which parameters best reflect the human emotional state; detect the emotional state when the posture changes, decide how to cause stress during the experiment by using non-violent methods.
Data, coupled with audio recordings, allows voice channel experts to accurately track caller activities, while also providing a glimpse into callers' emotional states or, at minimum, their verbal reactions to prompting and menus.
The process of facial affect detection using an emotional state estimation model requires the selection of an appropriate prediction algorithm.
AS someone who commutes daily to work on a small motorbike, I was interested to read about the work of Swiss researchers studying drivers' emotional states.
For example, in a sentence like "Messi kicked the football with all of his passion", the reader could not only activate the associated motor areas for the action of kicking, but also the reader could infer that the striker was in a rather positive emotional state that led him to kick the football so hard that it reached a long distance.