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She said the type of communication the researchers observed in the wild bonobos could represent an important evolutionary transition from vocalisations that are tied to specific contexts or emotional states towards human vocalisations.
It delivers audience response metrics - such as customer attention, engagement and sentiment - as derived from facial evidence of emotional states.
As noted in an earlier paper by Clayton Epp and others at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada - Identifying Emotional States using Keystroke Dynamics ( PDF ) - keyboard analysis has the advantages of being cheaper and less invasive, if it works.
Key words: cat, meow, emotional state, neural networks
Often, a person can determine their confidence by the emotional state they experience as they prepare for a particular situation.
163) The combination of these two major social needs--to predispose others favorably and to appear happy--calls for an emotional state that involves both joy at the company of others and personal happiness.
To the untrained eye, the information given in this initial interview may appear confused or chaotic, particularly because the homeopath gathers information about the entire person, including his or her general and emotional state, likes and dislikes, dreams and family history, as well his physical complaints.
LVA can even be used to test the emotional state of those considering suicide.
82 per cent are worried about a child's emotional state.
She was described as "in a highly emotional state and feeling very low".
The basic focus of a crisis intervention communication approach is to demonstrate empathy to establish some type of basic trust relationship and to move the subject out of the overly emotional state to a more rational one by allowing the person to vent his emotions.
A Cleveland Police spokesman said: "The man appeared to be in a distressed and emotional state and was thought to be armed with a knife.