emotional tone

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"These drunk-driving offenders should be kept in jail for the rest of their lives," Lee said in an emotional tone.
In an emotional tone, Mohammad Aimal, a 12th grade student, said though the discussion at the UN Security Council was a good omen, practically it had not provided any relief to the suffering Kashmiris.
'Nawaz Sharif's name will live long and my leader (Nawaz Sharif) will triumph again,' he said in an emotional tone, repeating his claims.
His heartbreak at a friend's betrayal in chapter 1 sets the emotional tone for the book.
Speaking in very emotional tone, the passing out students Imran Abbasi, Sonu Soomro, Ms.
In an emotional tone, Mohammadu Ahmadu said that 'not only does FADAMA III Project assisted us with animals for economic activity, they also gave us food, condiments, seedlings, fertilizer and other empowerment tools like fridges, sewing and knitting machines too.
However, this year's celebrations are taking on an even more emotional tone, as the South Korean government-- in the midst of a rapprochement with the North-- reminds its people that it isn't just the peninsula that is divided, but also the Korean language.
The emotional tone between parents when you are around them is really important.
The campaign's aggressive and emotional tone even suggests sacrificing a few lives of those who come in the way of this national cause.
The speakers then mixed dog-directed speech with non-dog-related words and adult-directed speech with dog-related words to determine whether it was the high-pitched emotional tone of the speech that dogs were attracted to or the words themselves.