emotional tone

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These lawmakers exchanged derogatory words in emotional tone against each other and on occasions the verbal brawl came very close to turning into fist fight.
Students namely Shazia Aijaz, Sanam Mor, Aysha, Aleena, Nandna, Mahak Javed, Alishan, Rashid, Hassan Tahir and others said in an emotional tone while talking to media that the rulers have no right to govern the country because respect and life of the daughters is not safe in this country.
This impression] includes the creative idea, what is said in the ad, the way the story is told, and the emotional tone.
To that end, Andrs Cepeda will make available to IBM part of his music history for IBM Watson through technologies such as Watson Beat and Watson Tone Analyzer - to indicate the emotional tone, language and music structure that match the sentiment of his fans.
So, how does the emotional tone of our relationships with others, as well as individually-expressed emotions, influence our health and well-being?
Izhar, in highly emotional tone said that he couldnt leave the party (MQM) in its troubled times as he had been associated with it for over 28 years.
It is Manafort's remark, however, that hews closest to the emotional tone of the Trump campaign, which prizes plain talk as an antidote to political correctness.
In an emotional tone, Shahbaz Sharif said that such conferences and English speeches will not be beneficial if the nation is not attaining economic benefits from them.
If you're going to have any chance against these hotheads, you have to set a rival and stronger emotional tone.
IBM's impressive supercomputer, affectionately dubbed Watson, has a remarkable list of accomplishments: gourmet chef, Jeopardy champion, and detecting emotional tone of e-mails.
Indeed, it is Forster more than anyone who sets the Edwardian emotional tone of G&G's work: the hapless love of an Oxford don for a tramcar ticket taker.