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Besides, the listeners' agreement on emotive descriptions of music is not enough for emotionalism, as people can also agree on the aptness of metaphors.
The danger again is emotionalism, so plainsong offers a chaste, obedient, happily impoverished diet which will not excite the religious stomach.
Singh has, true to the prescription, indulged in emotionalism in protesting the division of UP.
The foreign ministry has suggested that "in order to secure the core national security interests, our media strategy should encompass a balance between political and economic reporting, positive and negative news, emotionalism and objectivity, freedom and responsibility".
By the time we released Emotionalism any dreams of being a rock star had been put into perspective.
but it would be acceptable to the emotionalism of the south and to the Catholics of the North, and to the majority of Protestants," he said.
Emotionalism is an exaggerated display of strong feelings, while passion is the enthusiasm and interest you bring to your work.
With their mix of wide-eyed innocence, sassy innuendo (Raj does a peekaboo bath towel for you ladies) and extreme emotionalism, Bollywood entertainments require some indulgence from Western audiences.
And if the complacent listener imagined, "Well, in an orchestra with so many women, surely the soft, sweet emotionalism of Russian music will be emphasized," then Ligeti administered a second jolt.
The closing section--the difficult confrontation between Carey and his father in the father's assisted living residency--is packed with the son of alpha emotionalism that marks this genre (the two struggle for conversation and in the moment of departure, the father pulls his departing son down for a kiss, hard, on the lips, as much a moment of long-unexpressed affection as it is a dense gesture of farewell).
Another significant oversight in this collection is the little attention devoted to emotionalism.
While Billy Graham marketed his "good looks and masculine affect with considerable success," he was unable to overcome the long-standing association of evangelism with feminine emotionalism (125).