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What we need is a way to heal that, not deepen divisions with deeply emotive imagery linked to some of the darkest days of history.
Lizzie Nayman, deputy managing director at emotive, said, 'We are delighted that Natalie has joined us.
Emotive reasoning: utilising empathy- and sympathy-based considerations.
However, past works are split on whether and how emotive stimuli matter and it is not known if emotional arousal may lead to a spillover effect that influences public support for other policies connected to a president's broader policy agenda.
The emotive of music can be theraputic We also use melancholy music to influence how we feel; from reminiscing about the past to coping with difficulties such as relationship break-ups or bereavement.
The whole sedition laws needs to be examined and the anti-national label being dished out is more to promote emotive issues.
They want help to triage and work through the specific issues they face in an agile format," said Tracy Lloyd, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Emotive Brand.
The author deals in paradox as he attempts to illuminate the power of these paintings when he knows that the paintings themselves hold much more meaning than words could ever do, but he hopes to translate the emotive aspect of this bare and stark art.
In this context, a crucial role was played by emotive words.
Clever puppetry Clever puppetry used to tackle used to tackle emotive issue emotive issue KILLING Roger was one of the most critically acclaimed theatrical productions at last year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Fan–favourites including Recover and The Mother We Share already sounded like classics, while tracks such as We Sink, Tether and Lies all beautifully blended juddering techno, glacial electro and powerfully emotive melodies, all topped by singer Lauren Mayberry's jaw–dropping vocals.
Summary: Ben Affleck made an emotive acceptance speech as he won his second award at the BAFTAs for Argo.