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For the purpose of this study, a 'statement' referred to one sentence or phrase made by the student that was identified and coded as rational, emotive, or intuitive.
In this study, we employ an experimental design situated in the context of a best test "least likely" case (2) to investigate whether the thematic relevance of emotive stimuli (i.
The whole sedition laws needs to be examined and the anti-national label being dished out is more to promote emotive issues.
They want help to triage and work through the specific issues they face in an agile format," said Tracy Lloyd, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Emotive Brand.
Dryden discusses the specialized form of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), which has features that clearly distinguish it from other forms of cognitive-behavior therapies.
Some of the best examples of emotive words can be found in the public debates, speeches, and declarations of the 2013 Italian general elections.
e fact that it tackles the ethically dicult and emotive issue of assisted dying could have proved a turn-o to audiences.
They theorized that the glucose causes emotive enhancement, leading the person to pay attention to their goals and perform better at evoking the non-dominant response.
Of course, anyone who reads this page on a regular basis will appreciate that any suggestion that I "avoid emotive subjects", was not at all "clever", but more "tongue in cheek".
Rational Emotive Behaviour (REB), another construct having emotional undercurrents has, in recent times, been found to have implications for managerial behaviour.
Ellis (1913-2007), the influential psychologist/sex therapist who developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, candidly discusses his methods for coping with illness and emotional problems in childhood, his eventful love life, key influences, and dispute with the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy that he founded.
Today with the introduction of some of the effective hypnotherapeutic techniques such as guided imagery, visualization techniques, dream induction, rational emotive behavior therapy and aversion therapy, psychological dependence can be successfully managed.