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Without intelligence, there is no science or virtuosity; but without sensitivity, without emotiveness, without feeling, there is no real art .
The theoretical assumption that founded the assessment and categorization of scenes and acts of violence advertised by televisions was the idea that televised violence has primarily an economic motivation which is characteristic to the assembly of media industry that capitalizes in a spectacular dramatized register addressed especially to human emotiveness, elements, facts, traits belonging to the real-world of the individual and of social groups.
However, one of the senior figures who responded to the Dairy UK survey summed up the emotiveness of the issue among the cheese industry's top brass.
Demonstrating understanding through personal expression enables students to develop an awareness of, and share, knowledge regarding ideas and emotions that relate to the poetry through varied media, as well as construct new understandings of language and its emotiveness (Sinclair et al.
There is not the slightest doubt that the colourfulness and emotiveness of Ravel's Piano Trio in A minor, as well as the two Shostakovich trios, perfectly agree with the Smetana Trio's "romantic" nature.
Rawding brings a deep blues bluster to the song, a forcefulness and emotiveness that's been his hallmark with bands such as the Delta Generators.
89), is used in Homer to create vividness, emotiveness, and to highlight the veracity of the narrative (pp.