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Something similar occurred with hypothesis 3, which was only partially accepted: recall does seem to be linked to the image emotiveness (p<.
With similar emotiveness, a narrative message may still be perceived as more vivid for "evoking lifelike images within the mind" (the definition of vividness in the questionnaire) than a statistical message.
However, one of the senior figures who responded to the Dairy UK survey summed up the emotiveness of the issue among the cheese industry's top brass.
She struggles, though, with the direct emotiveness of French each time she encounters her friend Marie: "Bonjour, quest-ce que to deviens?
Underneath its push-pull battle between Queen Elizabeth's out-of-time, stiff-upper-lip old guard attitude and Tony Blair's misty-eyed emotiveness, ``The Queen'' is a smart and tough-minded skewering of the House of Windsor as well as an examination of the primacy of image over substance.
Michelangelo's paintings "are works that shrink from emotiveness and passion," Colalucci wrote.
It was Hart, perhaps primarily because of his sheer enthusiasm and emotiveness, who was a rising star in the region.
They posed a similar threat to the eighteenth-century campaign to "purify" religion of emotiveness and superstitions.
It may be easier to sidestep the problem of the emotiveness of 'land' by simply trying to turn to other livelihood sources, which precipitate less male resistance.
Thus, closely reading the highly wrought emotiveness and aestheticism of Victorian women's devotional poetry will illuminate several profoundly related spiritual and artistic achievements.
20) The emotiveness of the press is not contradicted by the dispassionate statistics of the criminal returns.
In a sermon delivered on Good Friday, 1403,Jean Gerson relates the emotiveness of the public during the performance of a romance: