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The act of the clerk of the court in making up a list of the jurors who have been selected for the trial of a particular cause. All the steps of ascertaining who shall be the proper jurors to sit in the trial of a particular case up to the final formation.


v. to select and install a jury. (See: impaneling, jury)


verb catalog, enter, enumerate, itemize, list, record, register, schedule
Associated concepts: impanel a jury

TO IMPANEL, practice. The writing the names of a jury on a schedule, by the sheriff or other officer lawfully authorized.

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Tenders are invited for empanelling eligible agencies for construction of different types of protected cultivation structures for the purpose of providing subsidy for the farmers
Tenders are invited for Fixing of rates based on the lowest rates and empanelling of manufactures and distributors / agencies for essential inputs used in horticulture crops for the purpose of subsidy provided under nhm and other schemes / programmes of the dept.
Tenders are invited for Fixing of lowest rates and empanelling of manufacturers /distributors / agencies /dealers for supply of fibre boat for the purpose of procurement under schemes / programmes of the department of fisheries in karnataka