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The act of the clerk of the court in making up a list of the jurors who have been selected for the trial of a particular cause. All the steps of ascertaining who shall be the proper jurors to sit in the trial of a particular case up to the final formation.


v. to select and install a jury. (See: impaneling, jury)


verb catalog, enter, enumerate, itemize, list, record, register, schedule
Associated concepts: impanel a jury

TO IMPANEL, practice. The writing the names of a jury on a schedule, by the sheriff or other officer lawfully authorized.

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On December 20, the firm wrote to the seed manager, Nafed, that despite completing all formalities it had not been issued empanelment letter.
Briddon's family made any effort to enter the courtroom after empanelment began.
Briddon that any member of his family was refused entry to the courtroom when the jury empanelment concluded the next day.
The SJC found on appeal that there was a "partial" closure of the courtroom during the jury empanelment phase of Mr.
Empanelment should be considered not as a reflection of the intrinsic merit or otherwise of an officer but the suitability of an officer to occupy senior levels in the central government," the guidelines say.
The empanelment request is being considered from individual
Tender notice number : NIT No 12/2017-18 EOI for Empanelment of Surveyors agencies Rate Contr
e) Agency should be in the empanelment list of Tourism Departments of Govt.
EoI Fee (includes GST@18%):INR 2,950/- (Rupees Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Only) Eligibility Criteria : The applicant will be evaluated for empanelment as a business partner, inter-alia, based on the pre-qualification criteria mentioned below.
Tender notice number : NIT No 07/2017-18 of EOI for Empanelment of CA Firms
Prequalification are invited for Empanelment Of System Integrator Of Repute For Supply, Installation, Testing, Comissioning And Annual Maintenance Of Biometric Access Control & Time Lock At Different Branches/Office/Institutions Of Bank In Rajasthan (Jaipur Zone) At Jaipur.
Application for Empanelment of Vendors for Security Services Eligibility Criteria : Eligibility Criteria: a) The bidding company should be registered in India under the Indian Companies Act of 1956 or any other act as applicable.