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Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 31 (ANI): Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) director Bhupendra Kainthola on Wednesday expressed gratitude to Anupam Kher for always having an empathetic ear to the concerns and issues surrounding the institute.
Meanwhile, an empathetic young nurse who practiced euthanasia on two of her suffering nursing home patients will languish in jail for at least 229 more months of her 50-year sentence.
The findings also confirmed that women are, on average, more empathetic than men.
Ask how they feel about the changes and listen with an empathetic ear.
But she described the ITV show's panellists as the "loveliest, kindest, most empathetic" people.
Summary: The group who compared themselves to others felt less empathetic, caring and connected, according to the study.
These stigmas can be overcome, but it takes more than policies, it also requires empathetic action from managers.
That said; see what happens when the same news of the terrorist attack(s) reaches the office of sympathetic and empathetic leaders.
Their empathetic gestures and initiatives right after the mosque massacre have been really soothing and healing just not for the families of shuhadas but for the entire muslim world and has also played a much needed role in creating a humane and sane approach and outlook towards the muslims on the international level.
Women Writers and the Nation's Past, 1790-1860: Empathetic Histories
That quality reflects a leader who is sensitive and empathetic about his or her team and what they need to succeed, Mary Anne Amato ( writes in a recent "Leading the Way" posting on Harvard Business Publishing's Corporate Learning blog.
Empathetic listening is a great way to connect with another person's point of view.