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Thomas' novel is a 600-page Irish-American family saga that empathetically presents day-today life in the outer boroughs and suburbs of New York City during the late 20th century.
Brimming with fascinating and eccentric characters, comical situations, and an exceedingly original writing style, Cantieni's deeply poignant work artfully and empathetically explores being different and the problems of integration.
The interactions of Donne with the students under his care, as well as their parents, is empathetically and realistically shown, owing perhaps to the fact that the author is himself a teacher in the New York City school system.
Michelle Reale's Mentoring & Managing Students in the Academic Library details the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of effectively managing workers while empathetically mentoring students.
Diageo has always endeavoured to act responsibly and empathetically with respect to people injured by thalidomide, as evidenced by our continuing relationship with the UK Thalidomide Trust and the Australian Trust settlements of recent years.
And here is the crux of his form of collaboration: Satterwhite, in his role as artist, is able to organize and reenergize the rituals of therapeutic irnagemaking to which his mother, part of a tight-knit family, repeatedly returns, while simultaneously inviting the wider public to engage, possibly empathetically, with the moments of eccentric creativity in her obsessions.
What he is really saying is that the conversation has to be moved a little, that if we are to be heard we should not compromise, but we should approach others more empathetically, more graciously and more gracefully.
Those who learn to share intimately, listen empathetically, and express appreciation are going to have a more satisfying connection no matter how they met.
If our office is unable to meet the client's need, we can help by finding the right resource, giving guidance or even just listening empathetically.
The Dream presenters nodded empathetically as Salama stated that Al Jazeera had "become an enemy of Egypt" and claimed that "orders had changed" regarding coverage of events.
Critics agree that Lasdun recounts his harassment vividly and even empathetically.
Heller's style, in both her paintings and hospital drawings, is wildly expressionist--and is likely based on the harrowing experience she empathetically went through with her spouse.