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If our office is unable to meet the client's need, we can help by finding the right resource, giving guidance or even just listening empathetically.
The Dream presenters nodded empathetically as Salama stated that Al Jazeera had "become an enemy of Egypt" and claimed that "orders had changed" regarding coverage of events.
The more we become aware of our own conflicted feelings, the more we can speak about them either with "ourselves" or with our colleagues, the easier we can reconnect empathetically with the patient.
Thus it is important for the state to reach out to different groups separately and listen to their needs and concerns respectfully and empathetically.
The foreign minister spoke empathetically about the threats Israel continues to face from Hamas, Iran and Syria.
I watched people doing this stuff and imagined what it would be like to do this, or live this life, which, in a weird way, offered me an entry point back into my city and a way to experience it empathetically with other residents that differed from just coming back as this well-off person living in Lahore and sort of saying, Hey, this is cool.
Every time I read in the newspaper any account of either candidate going through something, I could really zero in empathetically on what it must be like to be in private moments with the family about different issues.
Not understanding the implications of his identity as Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Muslim, she responds to him empathetically as one human being to another and instinctively understands the interdependency of human lives in a globalized world.
He explains the power of fiction, via its numerous narrative techniques (21-48), to "organize, frame, and richly texture characters, times, and places" (3) and to enlist readers' universally shared cognitive abilities in empathetically imagining people, scenarios, and situations beyond their own experiences.
As of late, I have written a lot about the virtue of listening and how much can be learned by shutting down that desire to talk to instead carefully and empathetically listen to others.
Harris, with the help of Republican colleagues who were empathetically miffed, was gumming up the works, using every trick in the book to turn the Senate into a legislative still life.
At a time when black people were not empathetically painted--or treated--Deutsch's series of palace guards are gloriously dignified.