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Given these challenges, all counselors should engage in constant intentional development and assessment of empathic skills--reading about empathy, putting ideas into practice, modeling the skillful way "master" therapists use empathy, and finding a supervisor who has a thorough understanding of basic and advanced empathy with whom to discuss novel ways of responding empathically to clients.
As he trained over the course of 87 neurofeedback sessions, approximately 44 hours of actually training time, and he felt fear ebb out of him he became increasingly warm, empathically attuned and well attached.
The reader will find herself moving empathically with the illustrations of the character, reliving the urgency to MOVE
A counselor who has some familiarity with the specific and unique issues that concern middle-class African American youngsters is better poised to listen empathically, recognize the relationships between race and social class, and less likely to discount or unintentionally avoid prominent features of adolescents' lives.
Such physical response in the observer translates into the corresponding emotional states; thus, establishing an empathically shared psycho-physiological state between the observer and the one being observed.
Disconnections are undoubtedly part of every relationship, occurring when people let each other down, fail to respond empathically, behave in hurtful ways, or inflict or experience a myriad of other relational injuries (Jordan, 2001).
What gets to be empathically known through enactments, then, are relational patterns and self-representations that cannot become recognized through verbal interchanges alone.
I am suggesting that an enhanced feeling of power grows out of the healthy interaction with empathically attuned others, contributing to the capacity to act in the environment with a sense of self-efficacy and purposefulness.
All psychotherapists are aware of the wear and tear that intensive listening and empathically guided response play in our own emotional depletion.
For example, females may be more likely to attend to others empathically and verbally--giving support, empathy, and encouragement.
The Son who lost His Father for us, and the Father who lost His only begotten Son for us, is the same God who empathically weeps now for His children who are suffering presently on earth.
However, as a counselor strives to empathically understand what a client is experiencing while maintaining emotional detachment, this posture potentially provides a broader perspective that extends beyond a client's situational distress.