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Art engages attention and phenomenal consciousness in a very vivid and powerful way--a non-inferential and empathically normative way.
This contradicted the original hypothesis regarding the expected changes in a participant's beliefs about health and weight, given that the final component of the PA education intervention discussed important health communication strategies, with emphasis placed on the need for health-related professionals to engage empathically with people of all shapes and sizes.
Participants emphasized the need to consider the whole student, while expressing sensitivity in working with diverse youth and empathically understanding a child's situation.
One such image, which has spread throughout social media in a matter of hours, is a cartoon of a French tricolor flag, turned into a sorrowful human figure, empathically consoling a tearful Belgian flag.
As a result of that extensive testing, under enormously complex test scenarios, we've wrung this thing out and I would say very empathically and with confidence that the waveform is ready for primetime.
These scrupulous translations give the reader a genuine "feel" for the tone of Birstein's Yiddishized Hebrew, a tone that in savoring personalities and conversations is empathically attuned to his chance meetings from one day to the next.
Strong leadership that empathically acknowledges the discomfort, unease and confusion people are feeling is a start.
In doing so, Kimmel empathically separates legitimate injustice from the rhetoric of nostalgic victimhood, inherent in what he calls "aggrieved entitlement.
They may not have readily available opportunities to gain the advanced facilitation skills they need to help groups constructively explore differences, foster engaged participation or empathically support people through the tension and loss of change.
To write accurately and empathically but not pathetically about Rihanna, with her consent but without any actual quotes, was a maddening puzzle.
These skills consist in what they call (1) 'responsiveness,' or the capacity of clinicians to 'recognize, attend, and empathically respond to clients' needs, as expressed implicitly or explicitly within the psychotherapy session; ' (2) 'pattern recognition,' or the expansion of the capacity to 'respond to the most important events and experiences within a given psychotherapy session; ' and (3) 'mindfulness,' or the deepening of 'moment-to-moment awareness and acceptance of one's experience' (pp 385-386).
The first author empathically joined with participants in their lived situations, sharing the experience of wellness and later reflecting on its meanings, both individually and with the second author.