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JEDDAH: Abid of Zamil Cool Care, Usman of Emper Perfumes, Aadil of Gujarat Eagles hit centuries and Ismail of New Young Stars bagged a fiver were among the top performers of the week during the WPCA Summer League, organized by the Western Province Cricket Association.
Pick of The Day THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF (8pm BBC1) EMPER tantrums on Bake Off?
Parents suggest that children may need help in recognizing their feelings and in managing stress (Varcoe, Lees, & Emper, 2003).
It takes you on a, ride thrtakes you on aough the ' galaxy to help Buzz defeat the evil Emper " Zurg and save the persecuted toys.
Red means the person is deceased or will be, yellow is that they are able to survive if you get to them quickly, and green is that they are okay or that their wounds are superficial," Emper said.
In the Morning League, Tata Motors trounced Awesome XI by 95 runs, New Young Stars eased past against Jeddah Royals by 9 wickes, Brasa De Brazil outclassed Deloitte by 8 wickets, Emper Perfumes struggles past QRCC by 12 runs and Nesma Holding downed Johnson Control by 24 runs.
Mubarak Bin Shafya was a revelation last year in his debut season and new recruits Tam Lin and Topclas could be placed to good effect, while Emper Holly was very fast in her native Argentina.
ADI XI 114: (Faisal 32; Abid 3 for 24, Nayeem 3 for 15, Usman 2 wkts) lost to Emper Perfumes 116 for no loss: ( Usman Amjad 95 n.
Tam Lin, a useful performer for Sir Michael Stoute and then Godolphin, is perhaps one horse Bin Shafya could do well with this year, while Emper Holly showed blistering speed in her native Argentina.
T empers began to fray in what was already a hard fought contest.
com - the marketing ine portal supplying information for sales, markeclient base of over 1,000 ranging from small, empers, Cox Interactive, DoubleClick (NASDAQ:DCLK.
EMPERS frayed at the final meeting for the Mersey River Festival's 40 volunteer groups on Tuesday, May 24, at Liverpool's Millennium House, with representatives of the 40 volunteer groups lambasting the Liverpool Culture Company for hi-jacking the event and taking all the credit.