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In the foregoing description of the emphases of the transitional library model (TLM), it has been suggested: for education and training, 2 percent of the salary budget should be allocated; for new service opportunities, 3 percent of the operating budget; for user responsiveness, 2 tenths of 1 percent of the operating budget; for teamwork, only the education and training costs; for fiscal empowerment, no additional costs; and for more effective management systems, only the E&T costs.
Baker recapitulates the volume's emphases through his concise and pointed application of "descriptive integration," used by archaeologists to produce informed models from fossil evidence; of Foucault's "discourse" and "statement" to expose the mutual dependence on ethnic exclusion of "the conceptual structure of American historical discourse"; and of Robert Spiller's literary-historical model of American literary history.
The variability in reported topic emphases within and between fields indicates that respondents frequently made that distinction.