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David Copperfield, I think,' said Miss Betsey; the emphasis referring, perhaps, to my mother's mourning weeds, and her condition.
Plymdale, with emphasis, "I must say, anybody would suppose you and Mr.
whispered Lady Ashby, with bitter emphasis, as he slowly trotted by.
The violinist, within a yard of where Michael sat squatted on his haunches, played the notes of "Home, Sweet Home" with loud slow exactitude and emphasis.
Francine rivals them by means of a gorgeous contrast of color, and declares that she is rich with the bright emphasis of diamonds and the soft persuasion of pearls.
She came into the room with an erect head and a cold eye; she said, with an unmerciful emphasis on the word, "If you
Newman darted a meaning glance at Kate, and replied with a strong emphasis on the last word of his answer, that Mr Ralph Nickleby was well, and sent his LOVE.
But with secondary characters the principles of emphasis and proportion generally forbid very distinct individualization; and sometimes, especially in comedy
He spoke it with emphasis, and struck his stick on the floor.
There was an emphasis on the "tried," and a pleading little note in her voice.
He was surprised at the unexpected emphasis of her tone - the first time, indeed, that she had shown any signs of interest in the conversation.
The emphasis on the history of thought also seemed to me very timely; and the number of important works promised for the Library in the very near future augur well for the continued fulfilment, in this and other ways, of the expectations of the original editor.