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Emphasis is placed on learning to work with the developing player within both individual and team concepts.
The historical emphasis on fund reporting has met the first objective very well.
Given the history of mistrust between the faculty and the clinical enterprise, the emphasis on shared decision-making might be met with cynicism were it not for Gaintner's unprecedented openness about financial matters.
Whether their program did or did not offer a compulsory or optional course in sexuality, respondents were asked to indicate the emphasis that their program's required course of study gave to 19 different sexual health topics.
Buffeted by strong winds and huge waves, Emphasis said he immediately called the company's operations manager and sought permission for them to take shelter at the nearest port.
Since 2013, support for "more emphasis" on natural gas production has dropped 10 percentage points and there has been a five-point drop in the percentage who want more emphasis on oil, possibly reflecting that the U.
The goal of the present study was to document the current status of topic emphasis and teaching methods used in sexual health training in all Canadian medical school programs in family medicine (FM) residency, obstetrics and gynaecology (OBG) residency and undergraduate medicine (UGM) (51 programs in total; 17 for each discipline).
A focus on only content tested leads to curricular reduction and an emphasis on test preparation, with test performance itself seen as the educational outcome.
Representation of Childhood and Youth in Early China focuses on childhood in early China, particularly Han China, with emphasis on the Former Han dynasty.
In health care today there is a major emphasis on the consistent application of evidence-based elements of care.
There was an emphasis on the connection from the heel to the pelvis, and on how to strengthen any slackness in the muscles.
The review articles are useful-many could be assigned as readings in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses--but the coverage of subjects is not especially consistent in emphasis or approach.