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Gopin emphasizes that Rabbi Meir lowers himself--allowing himself as a person of elevated spiritual standing to be spat upon--and offers this as a model for third parties, who must be willing to lose a little face in order to open a path to reconciliation.
A Bechtel photographer emphasizes the great incongruity in scale between the huge generator and the two workers watching it slowly move toward the vast circular opening of brilliant white light.
For example, the Comptroller's recent guidance discusses the need for senior management and the board of directors to understand the limits of their price-risk-measurement systems and goes on to emphasize the need for stress testing such exposures.
To emphasize Queen Latifah's connection to these women, the pictures are repeated later in the video, with Latifah proudly singing in front of them.
We hypothesized that physicians' satisfaction would be higher in HMOs that relieve them of administrative responsibilities, emphasize patient satisfaction and quality, provide good organizational support, and emphasize size educational programs and peer review to control resource utilization.
Importantly for the nursing home field, ARS emphasizes "ease of use" for its long-term care software.
Many fear that the US will not remain competitive on the world scene unless the school curriculum is highly challenging and emphasizes pupils achieving that which other nations have their pupils achieve when international comparisons are made.
Former Reagan White House aide Gary Bauer, who now heads the Family Resource Council, spoke for such activists when he recently told a gathering in Chattanooga that if the next crop of Republican presidential candidates does not address social issues forcefully enough, Christian conservatives should run a candidate who will emphasize their concerns.
Advocates of this view emphasize minimizing disruption from implementing the statement by making only absolutely essential changes.
If you're asking someone to buy, to act or to learn, emphasize how it will benefit him or her.
The images therein emphasize generational continuity, family solidarity, and achievements such as graduations.
The law began to emphasize social harmoniousness as a goal rather than use repression as a means to satisfy God's vengeance.