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They emphasized that Basic Agreement between the Holy See and BiH remains permanent commitment of BiH, which it continues implementing.
Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC who emphasized upon collaboration amongst researchers and meaningful research output.
The arts receive much attention as general objectives are emphasized in the curriculum.
Finally, Gueron emphasized the support of federal and local governments.
However, when reviewing the educational literature on consultation models using a systems-ecological approach, microsystem and mesosystem are emphasized with focus on the family and/or school systems.
Readers with a special interest in detailed mine water geochemistry, on the other hand, may find many of the papers lack the more vigorous data analyses commonly emphasized in more specialized publications.
He emphasized that dealing with terrorism "cannot be limited solely to repressive and punitive operations.
The IOM emphasized that dioxin risks must be weighed against nutritional needs.
The problems of vector control and the best application of these methods were also emphasized.
When participants were asked about the highest current priorities in their life, their most emphasized responses were school or education, family, future career and playing sports.
For 30 years, the literature on inter viewing has emphasized the use of both verbal and nonverbal cues in detecting deception during the interview process.
Traditionally, first tax courses emphasized individual taxation; coverage of business transactions and entities was postponed until the second course.