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108), the author infuses American historiography with a decidedly Africanist perspective, namely in emphasizing kinship as an organizing force in American slaves' informal economies and property ownership.
The complainant should be clamoring for law enforcement assistance, emphasizing every detail, feeling the depth of despair, showing an eagerness to help, and willing to retell the story, even at personal risk.
Companies, therefore, focus on (a) increasing job satisfaction and feelings of achievement; (b) giving up the single-track career planning model and moving toward a multichoice model; (c) lifelong learning and on-the-job training to determine promotion and employee placement decisions; (d) providing assistance to women and parents with children and marriage and family counseling; and (e) emphasizing leisure management issues as they relate to careers.
When one considers how often Kaufman employs a jazz meter in his poetry, emphasizing off-beats and poly-rhythms, the regularity of the meter in "Round About Midnight" is puzzling.
The recent National Plan of Research to Improve Services (1991), undertaken by the National Institute of Mental Health, complements psychosocial rehabilitation's value of consumerism by emphasizing the importance of enhancing consumer involvement in decision-making about service delivery.
In addition to focusing on total financial resources, using full accrual accounting and emphasizing interperiod equity, Statement no.
Subsequently, rally participants also testified at a City Council hearing in favor of the Riverside South development, emphasizing its ability to revitalize the West Side, the depressed construction industry and the city.
At this session, the company offered a host of testimonials by satisfied customers, in writing and in video, many of them emphasizing major time savings that the system offered them, as well as appreciation of the vendor's reliability and support.
Rather than emphasizing the "labor" aspect of Chinese exclusion, she emphasizes the "western" part of the equation, arguing that the late 19th-century U.
The new approach seeks to balance (and counter) these models by emphasizing the varieties of early modern Catholic devotion and the Catholic church's numerous efforts to meet the needs of the faithful.