emphatic assertion

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One of the book's many strong points is the emphatic assertion that violence and exploitation may not so much be imperialism's worst afflictions as is the consequential humiliation.
Indeed, about an hour after Higareda's emphatic assertion that Mier will bounce back, a caravan of state police pulled up outside the Plaza Hidalgo.
All eyes were focused on her, but it was an emphatic assertion, signifying the coming of age of a resurgent new woman, the single parent, on the social canvas of Dubai.
Finally, Wegner's emphatic assertion that in communities of practice all participants are learners, applies equally to curricular-based writing programs as to the writing center, for in both spaces we are continually learning from staff and students, as well as our own experiences as teachers and writers.
As discussed below, this analysis is essentially a minor revision of Chomsky's original (1957) proposal for handling emphatic assertion.
Two politeness strategies used in these samples were analyzed: hedging, or the toning down of claims, and the emphatic assertion of claims, accomplished with markers of certainty and authoritative stance.
That was the emphatic assertion yesterday from Liverpool's acting boss Phil Thompson, who believes that his free-scoring striker now stands shoulder to shoulder with recognised greats such as Rivaldo.
Trevor Francis will not be sacked - that was the emphatic assertion from Karren Brady last night as she sought to quell the discord threatening to engulf Birmingham City.
To introduce more emphatic assertion, Jesus will say Amen, amen I say unto you.
There is no escape from the conclusion that to vote is the citizen's right, and the specifications of race, color or previous condition of servitude can in no way impair the force of that emphatic assertion that the citizen's right to vote shall not be denied or abridged.
That was the emphatic assertion yesterday of acting Liverpool boss Phil Thompson, who believes that his free-scoring striker now stands shoulder to shoulder with greats such as Rivaldo.