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29 ( ANI ): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has predicted that the opposition Congress Party will lose emphatically in the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat, in spite of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently spending three days crisscrossing the state in a bid to woo potential voters.
The Belfast light-flyweight eased past Namibia's Jafet Uutoni 8-4 to round off a flawless campaign in which he emphatically lived up to his pre-tournament billing.
Though written by a person of faith especially to help other Christians sort through news media, Engaging News Media is emphatically not biased toward the hardcore conservative Christian perspective--nor is it biased toward a hardcore liberal perspective.
Neither a unilateral condemnation nor endorsement of alternative medicine, 6 Myths About Alternative Medicine is emphatically recommended reading for anyone considering alternative medical treatment.
He emphatically objectifies his subjects' thick emotional skins but never penetrates them, suggesting that he suffers from the same "strangulated affect," to use a term Freud and Josef Breuer coined, as they do.
So Condoleezza Rice "has emphatically declared her support for the Second Amendment, saying it is just as important as the First Amendment" ("Letters to the Editor," September 5).
The concept of doing more with less emphatically combined aesthetic ideas and industrial efficiency--themes made manifest, perhaps symbolically, in the structures produced in Britain that celebrated the new millennium.
On the other hand, a vice that is emphatically denounced in the Apocalypse--to a degree no doubt incomprehensible to the modern western mind--is fornication.
This early digital recording was re-released by Chandos in 2004, and one thing it emphatically does in addition to highlighting the fine ensemble performance and equally fine music, is highlight the engineering talents of Ralph Couzens, whom I profiled in the second edition of The Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound.
An excerpt of a work in process, bud, showed Petronio's sentimental side, described emphatically by Tara Subkoff's half-jacket costumes: One man completed the other.