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Craig paused a moment with an emphatic stare after this triumphant specimen of Socratic argument, and then added, thumping the table rather fiercely, "Why, it's a sure thing--and there's them 'ull bear witness to't--as i' one regiment where there was one man a-missing, they put the regimentals on a big monkey, and they fit him as the shell fits the walnut, and you couldn't tell the monkey from the mounseers
Do not reject the hope, the certainty, this kind man offers you,' said Clennam in a low emphatic voice.
95--Ever the restless thinker, Weiss has once more revised his metaphysical system, introducing the Dunamic-Rational as one of the five ultimate conditions to which Being gives rise and identifying emphatics as the way by which particular beings and such other pivotal realities interrelate.
He then explores more ubiquitous, ontologically fundamental, emphatics such as "other than.
Weiss's chapter on "evocative emphatics" is one of the most original parts of his book: emphatics that evoke rather than compel change.
Evil is "an emphatic that is expressed by one who seeks to destroy what should be preserved or enhanced" (p.
in this article by transliteration of the emphatic consonants with
theirs is the only language that contains the emphatic d sound, and thus
clunkily translated as "the language of emphatic D".
consonants are emphatic versions of the letters [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE
technospeak, a little like French r but more emphatic.