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EMPLOYED. One who is in the service of another. Such a person is entitled to rights and liable to. perform certain duties.
     2. He is entitled to a just compensation for his services; when there has been a special contract, to what has been agreed upon; when not, to such just recompense as he deserves.
     3. He is bound to perform the services for which he has engaged himself; and for a violation of his engagement he may be sued, but he is not liable to corporal correction. An exception to this rule may be mentioned; on the ground of necessity, a sailor may be punished by reasonable correction, when it is necessary for the safety of the vessel, and to maintain discipline. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1001: 2 Id. n. 2296.

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The average Gross Value Added (GVA) per person employed increased by 2.
Primary health care (PHC) nursing, including practice nursing, was the next biggest employer of new graduates, with 35 employed by DHBs and 45 by other PHC providers.
Key Words: Premenstrual symptoms, Premenstrual syndrome, employed women, unemployed women.
They are three times as likely as those employed full time for an employer to be living on less than $2 per day and bring in less than half as much in household income on average.
While there are arguments on both sides, I believe the balance lies with a ban because of the damage to the institution caused by the public perception that AMs' relatives are being employed out of favouritism.
Relative to the traditionally employed, a smaller proportion of the self-employed also regularly set aside a fixed amount for retirement after getting paid (10 percent versus 15 percent).
Of the 10 who failed to respond, there were six SNP members including Kenneth Gibson, who has employed his wife Patricia as a policy advisor since 2007, and Stewart Maxwell, whose wife Mary Stevenson has been his part-time researcher since 2003.
Either MEPs could confirm the plenary vote by adopting the report rejecting the Commission's proposal: the proposal would then be ratified and self-employed drivers would be subjected to the same working time as employed drivers.
However, this could lead to higher levels of stress, as the self employed driver tries to achieve more in less time in order to maintain his profitability.
Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, researchers studied 1,165 women who had a singleton first birth between 1981 and 1994, were interviewed both just before and during that pregnancy; and had been adequately employed (neither receiving poverty wages nor working part-time involuntarily) at the first interview.
Barber and Strack then use algebra to factor in the number of people employed (P), so that:
Eighty-three percent of the participants were certified staff members employed in large districts, defined as those with student enrollments of greater than 10,000.