employment of capital

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description of the procurement: Service of surveillance and security against intrusion and derived risks, Technical means, Connection to cra and service of answer before situations of alarm of territorial area of employment of capital huelva.
The defence counsel in his statement also termed letters about employment of Capital FZE forged and fictitious.
By making the two sides equal, and assuming we start with full employment of capital, the required growth rate of investment necessary to keep new capital fully employed can be calculated.
Employment of capital is only 5 and 3 percent above the optimal level in 2002 and 2007 respectively.
Rapid productivity growth has put a damper on the employment of capital as well.
Title holding was not considered to be an employment of capital when the holder is an inactive nominee corporation.
[2] The Neoclassical economist would disagree: Microeconomics contains extensive discussion on the employment of capital in the productive process.
With distributional reform, (i.e., through the ownership trusts of democratic capitalism), there remain no barriers to the full employment of capital.
Historically, in New York, utility companies were subject to a tax on gross earnings received from the employment of capital plus a tax on dividends (N.Y.
Even worse, says O'Rourke, that lonely usage makes its appearance in Smith's anomalous excursion on the supposed benefits of employing capital 'in support of domestic industry' in 'On the Different Employment of Capitals' (Chapter 5, Book 2), where Smith for five pages (out of a book of 900) adopts a protectionist stance.
While possibly computer-friendly, the employment of capitals for abridged titles (here abridged authors' names plus titles) produces such ungainly monsters as HISNFM or GTMNM; they hardly save space as against Hunayn or Ghazali, Tibr.

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