employment of force

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efforts allow for maximum employment of force, units take "maximum
The French television reported that the judicial rule was issued with intention of averting employment of force, noting that decision exempts worship places and schools.
Interestingly, as Hendrix argues, that war would end up being about the only example of the actual employment of force in Roosevelt's use of naval power.
Thereafter, he develops a series of questions for commanders to ask prior to the employment of force and devotes the penultimate chapter to applying these questions, albeit post hoc, to his experience in Bosnia.
In order to gain insight into what lies ahead, it is important first to analyze the use of violence in the region, asking ourselves why the employment of force was less lethal in certain areas than in others.
By Marwan Boltrosh LONDON, March 19 (KUNA) -- The British Government hs no intention to recognize a Houthi-formed government in Sanaa because London is against employment of force to make political change, said the Prime Minister's Envoy to Yemen.
As to Almoro's alleged offenses, Ticyado said the "mere act of shouting [a Filipino invective] and making the sign of a dirty finger [is] not tantamount to an attack, employment of force and serious intimidation against the complainant.
Two primary types of coercion are identified: the diplomatic threat of the use of force, and the actual employment of force on a limited scale.
At the operational level of war, the Navy must guarantee both speed of deployment and speed of employment of force.
One solution is regarding command authorities in the same manner as nations approach the employment of force.
In the employment of forces, it is essential to coordinate and allocate forces and assets at the most decisive point to achieve maximum results.
The plan "recognizes the need for living, operating, sustaining and maintaining people and equipment in Spartan conditions where large support bases are unacceptable" or not feasible and "promotes the economical employment of forces of almost any size and configuration with capabilities appropriately matched to the mission.

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