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WELSH MPS EMPLOYING FAMILY MEMBERS Martin Caton, Labour, Gower: Employs his wife, Bethan Caton, as a senior parliamentary assistant.
Julie Kirkbride (Con Bromsgrove) * employs her sister Karen Leadley as a part-time secretary.
One of the issues the committee is considering is whether MPs should continue to be allowed to recruit and employ staff personally, or whether they should become direct employees of the House of Commons.
The two Tories are Ted Brocklebank, who employs his sister Pat Anthony, and Jamie McGrigor, who employs his wife Emma.
The disclosure of 106 MPs who employ relatives follows MP Derek Conway's 10-day suspension from the Commons for overpaying his son out of his allowances.
Countrywide Home Loans employs 2,200 people in a loan servicing center opened in 2003 and immediately expanded.
Because S employs agents or employees to prepare income tax returns for compensation, S is an income tax return preparer as to those returns or refund claims for purposes of Secs.
Against an Ace-Twins set or sets that employ H-Backs, the SB and the Flip (who will be walked out as explained earlier) will reroute the receivers.
The company, which employs about 80, makes water-treatment tanks, and it's adding a new pressure vessel to its product line.
Tactical considerations deal with the officers' abilities to assess threat potential and determine if they can employ safe and efficient tactics to gain control.
For example, if an auditor's firm employs an appraiser and decides to use that appraiser as part of its audit staff to evaluate real estate carrying values, SAS no.