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Here, one cannot help but recall descriptions of the female seizers of ancient Indic tradition: the ayurvedic science of pediatrics (kaumarabhrtya) was predicated on the assumption that certain childhood diseases were caused by "the empoisoned milk of the female seizers," (Susruta Samhita 1.1.8.[5], in Atrideva 1975:3) that is, of demonesses that kill infants by suckling them with their poisoned breasts.
Muhammad Hamayun Khamoosh Medical superintendent of Kunduz hospital told AIP that todays morning in Kunduz city Seh Darak area 12 girls students of a middle school were empoisoned and senseless simultaneously.
Bouchard, noting the narrator's description of Roberto's realization as an "epifania," writes, "Despite an epiphanic moment in which Roberto realizes the futility of his attempt [to find redemption through writing], he continues to write and empoisons himself more and more" ("Postmodern" 199).