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For example, when an individual with a disability says to a rehabilitation counselor, "I would appreciate your telling my boss that I need that ramp complete as soon as possible," one alternative empowering response may be, "Yes, I could do that, but I would prefer that since you have been taking more and more responsibility for your life and you have the ability to express your needs and wants to other people, that we discuss how you would tell him yourself.
Providing high-definition multimedia, along with Acer's exclusive Empowering Technology and Acer Arcade entertainment software suites, the Aspire 9810 is a highly-versatile notebook that delivers best-in-class HD-DVD format viewing and an extraordinary audio-visual experience.
Thank-you for challenging me and inviting me, in an empowering way, to move a little further away from the trunk.
NAFE provides resources and services through education, networking, and public advocacy thereby empowering its members to achieve career success and financial security.
We believe this alliance with Advanta is another step toward empowering women and bringing all women closer to economic prosperity," said Carolyn Leighton, founder of WITI.
Actuate Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTU), the world leader in empowering enterprise users with Information Applications and a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, today announced Actuate Active Portal for .
Actuate Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTU), the world leader in empowering enterprise users with Information Applications, today announced that more than 2,000 corporate customers and 300 OEM partners in the financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance, logistics and government industries among other sectors, have built highly scalable, customized Information Applications using the Actuate Information Application Platform.
The Berufsakademie is empowering its students with great hands-on experience, as the university's graduates will be the executives making future manufacturing decisions.
New enterprise solution improves workers' efficiency by empowering employees, partners and suppliers to easily find actionable information

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