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The pie chart in Figure 3 shows the size of the different domains of empowerment for our sampled male and female household members.
The three main pillars of empowerment used in the treatment of diabetes are the belief that (1) diabetes is a patient-managed disease; (2) care for a patient with diabetes should be conducted as education, that is, to provide the necessary knowledge for the patients to make their own decisions; and (3) patients should identify and implement their own treatment goals, which have a real impact on their lives.
The UAE delegation will discuss various topics related to human empowerment in fields like, education, culture, technology, and others while focusing on 3 main topics Education and National Service: The Fundamentals for Empowering UAE Youth, The Technical, Intellectual, and Food Security: The Strategic Pillars to Empower Communities and Youth The UAE Model, and The Role of the Advanced Sciences and Future Projects in Empowering and Improving the Well-Being of Communities.
In 2018, she successfully advocated for the passage of HB132 and officially launched Kentuckys Financial Empowerment Coalition and Database.
'Today is the official launching of N250 million Women Empowerment scheme as two fifty thousand women have been given N20,000 each, which cost N5 million as more will be done tomorrow, next week and throughout the four years of our administration.
On behalf of the Gender Mainstreaming Steering Committee - constituted for ensuring the implementation of the policy, K-P Commission on the Status of Women (K-PCSW) Chairperson Riffat Sardar remarked that the provincial government and the SWWED were fully committed with a strong resolve to cooperate with, and support other government departments at every level so that together they can effectively contribute to gender equality and women empowerment in the province.
'Knowing the importance of women empowerment and the government's responsibilities towards it, the department of Social Welfare will provide monitoring and reporting support to measure progress on the policy both for government and donor funded projects implemented in the province,' the Director concluded.
SCTDA's women empowerment initiative combines tourism training and promotion of equality through community initiatives.
Relatedly, the purpose of this study is to describe the upper Sindh's women participants' perceptions and experiences about their empowerment and well-being with microcredit programs.
It was notified by Zakat, Ushr, Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Empowerment Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
In fact the term empowerment, whether it is related to women or men, refers to the process of gaining knowledge, skills and capabilities that empower one to overcome obstacles that might prevent them from achieving the goal, or reaching the place he or she strives for.
Strangely, women happily embrace such projects with a sense of empowerment while neglecting the fact that these steps stretch the gender gap further.

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