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EMPTOR. A buyer; a purchaser.

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Natario, he continued by adding, "The removal of the Caveat Emptor is just the first step toward Yaterra Venture's new future and in so doing it demonstrates to current shareholders and potential investors alike that we are open for business.
gives readers an inside look at the field of mental health care for consumers in his new book, "Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware: A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Services" (now available through AuthorHouse).
Since 1998, Project Colt, the Toronto Strategic Partnership, and Project Emptor have shut down boiler rooms in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.
As a result of an unauthorized fax blast that was sent out by unknown persons, Pink Sheets attached a caveat emptor symbol to the Company's name on the Pink Sheets website, alerting the public that Vega had not provided adequate public disclosure of certain information about the Company.
If the traffic is as bad as they say, then one would think the noise problem would have been obvious before they moved there - caveat emptor.
In this way, users benefit from the experiences of others in the Dooyoo community and are automatically provided with information that can prevent them from making rash, costly buying decisions - caveat emptor is now the computer's responsibility.
What this means for (Pink Sheets: SMKG) is that the information will be current but the caveat emptor symbol may not be removed until the additional legal opinion is satisfactory.
New York law adheres to the doctrine of caveat emptor in real estate transactions and imposes no duty upon the seller to disclose adverse information concerning the property.
This should teach kids an important lesson: Caveat emptor.
In other company news, CEO Mr Xu added, "Our security was recently branded caveat emptor by Pink Sheets.
For the exotic pet purchaser, an age-old Latin phrase seems especially relevant: Caveat emptor - 'Let the buyer beware'