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EMPTOR. A buyer; a purchaser.

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Where none of these exceptions are present, caveat emptor will prevent a purchaser from re-opening the contract, if subsequent to conveyance, the purchaser concludes that the land does not have the quality that the purchaser assumed it had.
Caviar Emptor, while admitting that there are environmental concerns regarding aquaculture, claims caviar derived from aquaculture as practiced in the United States is a much better choice for consumers concerned about endangered Caspian Sea sturgeon.
Whether that scene illustrates the old rule of caveat emptor is certainly open for a difference of opinion.
Caveat emptor is well and good, but it's only half the story.
According to the Legal Information Institute, caveat emptor is a Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware.
The bottom line remains caveat emptor," or let the buyer beware.
El director de la investigacion, el doctor Cauet Emptor, senalo que para mejorar los efectos del zinc es necesario consumirlo 24 horas antes de que se declare la gripe, es decir, cuando apenas se comienzan a sentir algunos sintomas.
10] "Caveat Emptor Hits Home," a Memo to Members from Consumer Reports.
Other topics include: Writing Your FIBC Specifications - UN, DOT and NEL; Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware; Static Electricity, Handling Equipment, Safe Handling Practices and FIBC Recycling/Reconditioning.
Like so many things, JavaScript implementation is somewhat variable between the range of browsers so the author has warranted all scripts work with specific versions of Netscape - they may work on others but caveat emptor here.
2 For instance, the professions were gaining in power in the 1830s, when Victorian clients needed independent advice to cope with the principle of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) adopted by rampaging capitalist industry.
For those who seek church-state knowledge from their computer, it may be best to remember the phrase, "caveat emptor.