empty show

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the dread of what will my neighbour think, with luxuries that only cloy, with pleasures that bore, with empty show that, like the criminal's iron crown of yore, makes to bleed and swoon the aching head that wears it!
Only to find that when they arrived at the site their hoped-for holiday home was an empty show caravan.
Paul turns on the charm Xanthe and Piper are caught by the police while hosting a party in an empty show home, but Xanthe does have some good news - she and Kyle have their first meaningful conversation as brother and sister.
What is most impressive--and important--about Richardson's gloss, however, is his demonstration that there was much more to this meeting than empty show and indeed more to it than a futile attempt to build a long-term peace.
Perez Montijo states that, for as loud and exuberant a performance the Spiritual Baptists put on, it can't but help remain, with its legalization, an empty show.
All these might have remained empty show if there was no God experience at the deepest level for the Bhaktas who come here seeking God and the divine intervention in the healing and solutions for their problems.
More pointedly, another related piece has two similar, but much larger, jars marked "Jew" and "Arab" which despite being empty show traces of what might be blood having overflown from them.
Otherwise all our works are relegated to empty show or the dilettante facile act of manipulating fashion.
Just as the velvet bag Jack McConnell self-consciously carried on his arm was empty, so too was this a pretty empty show of loyalty.
Despite his political commitment, however, there is a sense of solidarity with the underdog that sees the changes from empire to nation as empty show, and a quietist awareness of intellectual separation from the peasant that takes the edge off any message of radical social reform.
Mace makes no mention of this scene in her study, but she provides useful confirmation that Fielding's overtly neoclassical pose was more than such empty show.
Xanthe and Piper are caught the police while hosting a party an empty show home, but does have some good news - and Kyle have their first conversation as brother and Paige dumps the stolen charity bin, but her plan to