empty talk

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In Yugoslavia, where workers' self-management was more than empty talk, the problems of decentralized, firm-based decision-making became apparent.
On corruption, Xi Jinping, the incoming president, will have to work hard to convince anyone that his promises mean more than the empty talk of his predecessors.
The negotiations under way in Washington over the fiscal cliff have, so far, involved a lot of empty talk about compromise, plenty of competing economic claims, and tons of special-interest lobbying.
Team meetings include reporting on progress, but there is more empty talk about doing things than things actually happening.
and Cabinet in "tunnel" funding AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" bloc to Mikati: "Proportionality" serves Hezbollah's continuous control Election law debate expands awaiting for "political consensus" AL-AKHBAR: Committees: empty talk to mark time DAILY STAR: Bickering reigns as MPs set to address draft election law Sleiman pitch ensures Hezbollah arms only used under army command Violence rages in Syria cities as world powers grow war-weary A.
There is empty talk which is repeated in the West whenever such an incident occurs.
All empty talk of SDSM that they wish to integrate Macedonia into the EU and NATO has gone down the drain today considering that blocking this law stands for blocking that process, too.
Otherwise the transition of development strategy, economic structure and growth quality will be empty talk in China.
The authors of Conquering Innovation Fatigue immediately captured my sympathy with the observation that "Few things make creative people wearier than empty talk about innovation.
All this bravado about primary opponents is just empty talk until the money is on the table.
What we are doing is true activism and not just empty talk, as so many politicians love to do.
But the last thing the Middle East needs is more empty talk.