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It appeared however, that the perpetrators left empty-handed, police said.
The man received phone numbers 14 percent of the time, when he approached women empty-handed.
DC Mark Forster, of Bishop Auckland CID, said: "The woman sitting in the car refused to hand over her handbag and the robber left empty-handed.
Detective Constable Andrew Taylor from Trafford CID said: "These would-be thieves didn't anticipate when they walked into the pub that they would be fought off by the customers who were still inside, meaning they fled empty-handed and one of the robbers also lost his shoe.
fit A police spokeswoman added: "No-one was injured, no weapon was used, and the man left empty-handed.
A man walked into the bank with a black handgun and threatened a cashier but ran off empty-handed when his demands were not met.
He fled empty-handed and left the male member of staff shaken, but uninjured after the attempted robbery at around 7.
Inventor Rob Law also left empty-handed after investing pounds 17,000 of his own money in the Trunki, a brightly-coloured kids suitcase that doubles up as a toy to ride on.
Nonetheless, Meyer points out, at least 18 teams in as many months have come up empty-handed in their retrospective searches for such particles.
As a black lesbian I keep looking for mentors and role models, like many other people my age, and I keep coming up empty-handed.
More than 200 empty-handed workers of Club Rockley Barbados Ltd bade farewell to that hotel, reports The Barbados Nation (July 1, 2003).