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The robber fled the store empty-handed and fortunately no-one was hurt but obviously they were left shaken.
They panicked and left the bank empty-handed and sped off in a silver Hyundai car.
The man brandished a knife and demanded money from staff before fleeing empty-handed after being challenged by staff.
Rhys, 46, had them as he sank a pint on Thursday - but left empty-handed.
TWO men fled empty-handed from a supermarket yesterday after attempting to rob a security van.
Unknown individuals broke into a Paphos village co-operative but apparently left empty-handed, police said on Friday.
A third of time the man carried a guitar case, a third of the time he carried a gym bag and another third he was empty-handed.
It is believed the three men were targeting the safe from the CCTV footage, but left empty-handed.
He left empty-handed when the driver refused to hand over the bag.
The three men fled empty-handed with customers chasing them outside.
The raider, who wore a grey scarf over his face, fled empty-handed when staff raised the alarm.
A man walked into the bank with a black handgun and threatened a cashier but ran off empty-handed when his demands were not met.