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Far too many of them, empty-headed, really think that they know.
Most TV shows care about rating instead of quality; if an empty-headed person brings business, they will prefer him over the least favourite but genuine Danishwar.
In her early years she was criticised for perpetuating the female stereotype of empty-headed young girl interested only in clothes, but she has matured, as her range of jobs has shown, and now has sisters in a range of racial skin tones and different body types.
Since he assumed the Presidency, Duterte has slammed his critics with vulgar words, even calling them stupid, crazy, empty-headed among others.
Well aware of my reputation as an empty-headed nitwit among those who served my husband, such low expectations had served me well.
Further sharpening his attack he added, "We can understand such issues but that empty-headed man does not know or understand.
Duterte retaliated by calling Zeid "empty-headed." National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Jr.
The President, however, called Zeid "empty-headed," admitting he wanted to seek revenge despite the advice to refrain from commenting on the UN official's remarks.
Elle Woods is an empty-headed rich girl who dreams only of marrying her preppy boyfriend.
If you mess it all up, if you take the system features out they you have no system to rely on, but only a gang of empty-headed, corrupted fools who scream and think that have your back.
He floats with the win" Actor Bryan Cranston on Donald Trump, also describing him as "empty-headed" "I was on my knees in tears in the kitchen.
They will also be taking questions from the audience as they "recommend appropriate surgery for the heartless, gutless and empty-headed".