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He knew I wasn't just an empty-headed woman who did the rounds of Hollywood parties," she said and he was right.
Strongly berating the negative trend of bad-mouthing representatives of masses, he said that this negative trend was against the reconciliation policy of government, and said that this negative trend of PML-N, only verified the claim of opponents of Mian Nawaz Sharif that he as empty-headed (imprudent).
It's the empty-headed women queuing up to be used by them.
But for an hour of empty-headed escapism there's nothing better.
FAR from being an empty-headed liberal with a bleeding heart and supportive of the PC brigade, the highly inappropriate comments expressed by Darren Gould in support of the police's heavy-handed tactics in dealing with the G20 protester (Letters, April 20) are unbelievable.
We all recall the stupid bumbling of Livni agreeing to the summer 2006 Lebanon War cease-fire UN Resolution 1701, which put Hizbullah into the hands of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) and the immediate re-building of the Hizbullah arms and terrorist militia, without a peep from the empty-headed Livni.
Tuesday's early hours, I was still glossing, so either time's speeding up or I'm slowing down - running low on fuel, engine clapped out - although there's a theory that time turns hare-like with age because our memories are so full, whereas in empty-headed childhood, it creeps like the fabled tortoise.
And - don't judge me, please - might I also suggest that elderly people require less stimulation than empty-headed youngsters?
It now looks like editorial cartoonists are following that empty-headed dictum from the Pulitzer jury, with more and more cartoonists jumping into Flash animated cartoons when there is no market for animated Web cartoons -- just the perception that there might be a prize in it for them.
No doubt empty-headed Valley Girls will organise a campaign to release the bland blonde bimbo.
And though he takes aim at the empty-headed pretty boy, lyrics like "I'd be a slut if I was hot / I'd be the kind of boy I hate" show Dan also is willing to tell on himself.