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African American males, faced with a dearth of same-sex productive, successful, contemporary models to emulate, may look to athletes and entertainers as a source of pride in themselves and their race and as an endorsement of a path to success that does not necessarily include catering to mainstream values (Majors & Billson, 1992).
Vizquel grew up idolizing Concepcion and tried to emulate him.
Because these same disk libraries emulate the software used to manage existing tape libraries, the backup application thinks it is still writing to tape, while actually writing to disk.
According to the New York Times, Raymond Lorie, a researcher at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, developed a prototype for a "universal virtual computer," a system with an architecture and language designed to be logical and accessible so that future computer developers will be able to write instructions to emulate, or mimic, it on their machines.
The new artifact, SRM 2538, is a fiber-pigtailed quartz plate, designed to Standard Reference Materials emulate the PMD typically found in telecommunications components.
EMULATE A LARGE VoIP NETWORK with up to 20 media gateways and thousands of end points.
Digital NYC is an economic development strategy that gives both companies and communities the means to succeed, and it's one that many other places would do well to emulate.
A more attractive option is to emulate obsolete computers on future computers.
The study, a first by the Girl Scout Research Institute, found that sexual images in the media have ``compressed'' the mental, physical and emotional development of preteen girls, causing them to emulate and act like teen-agers.
Multiple Enterprise systems may be clustered to emulate designs up to six million gates.
IxVoice was used to emulate the user equipment (UE) and test the multi-vendor core network for interoperability.