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The idea of using emulated removable media as a mechanism for sharing data makes a certain amount of sense.
The ACE Channel Emulator addresses the testing needs of vendors across all Wi-Fi market segments and Azimuth has already received orders from customers anxious to prove the performance of their products in an emulated real world environment.
Together, these new releases simplify automated script generation while increasing the number of video, voice, and data services that can be emulated.
Together, all common forms of user and site authentication can be emulated with IxVPN.
The new FSP 150CP demarcation device supports variable data rates up to and including Gigabit Ethernet, allowing support for a host of diverse carrier services including Emulated Line, Emulated LAN and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.
As opposed to relying on a host PC's PCI chipset, the NET2282 has the essential resources, -- emulated main memory, PCI arbitration, and an integrated CPU -- to configure and operate a PCI device.