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Error conditions, test cases and scale testing can be implemented with near zero latency, since storage is emulated in RAM.
While the data on emulated devices may be written by an open systems operating system and device driver, it does not mean it is usable by open systems servers.
The emulated EEPROM on board is available to protect critical data and offers 100K write/erase cycles and 15 years data retention.
RAD Data Communications has announced that at the MPLS World Congress 2003 Public Interoperability Event, which is being held from February 5 to February 7 in Paris, the company's IPmux TDM over IP (TDMoIP) gateway will be used to support the world's first live showing of an emulated end-to-end E1 leased line over an MPLS backbone.
If used in a HAPS system, the emulated design can also be given access to the contents of the CompactFlash card, allowing storage of application data on the card.
This demonstration from PLX Technology of emulated PCI Express bridges and switches is an important milestone in delivering PCI Express connectivity to equipment makers.
To avoid the immeasurable costs of lost business, credibility and end-user frustration, it is critical that companies adopt pre-emptive processes, such as exercising the application over an emulated infrastructure before actual deployment, to predict if and how it will perform in the production environment, and find and fix flaws before they become financial disasters.
Spirent's suite of testing equipment emulated high-traffic networks and verified features that included the SMS platform's very high scalability of L2TP tunneled subscriber session delivery to support the most demanding carrier wholesale implementations -- all while realizing operational costs savings.
Users can conduct simultaneous or independent testing on each port pair, using common or different sets of emulated network impairments, at full wire speed.
To the mainframe, MAS emulates 3480/3490 tape drives, allowing mainframe-based applications to transparently store data on Centera or Celerra by writing files to an emulated tape device.