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Emulating peripheral devices, such as display screens or sound generators, accurately enough to retain the interface behavior of obsolete programs may require development and adoption of new ways of representing certain modalities such as color or sound fidelity.
By emulating the moves of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, an undefeated group of young hoopsters will go sneaker-to-sneaker this weekend in the YMCA's annual Junior Lakers championship basketball tournament.
validate IPTV infrastructure scalability limits by emulating and measuring thousands of subscribers and 500 channels per port of actual video clips per port;
Ixia's IxLoad addresses these complex test requirements with an integrated Triple Play test system that is capable of emulating a vast number of subscribers, as well as the associated content servers.
These enhancements, coupled with the ability to send IxChariot Real-World Traffic(TM) over established sessions, provides an extremely flexible environment for emulating Triple Play user traffic on the network.
IxLoad is capable of emulating various L4-7 protocols like HTTP, FTP, Email, and Streaming Video and Audio traffic so that Carriers and Service Providers can create real-world mixes of valid user traffic (HTTP, Email, etc.